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Proven Results
Proven Results

Learn how to get involved.
Learn how to get involved

Estrella Del Mar Sea Turtle Preservation Program

Boasting the largest privately funded Sea Turtle Preservation and Adopt a Sea Turtle programs in Mexico, our conservation efforts have been making enormous strides towards to protect and save sea turtles, especially the federally endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtle.

Hatching, protecting, and releasing over 150,000 sea turtles a year, many of whom may not have been given this chance.

Human activities including hunting and killing, collection of eggs for consumption, and encroachment and destruction of sea turtle habitat have drastically reduced the numbers of sea turtles.  Fortunately, the developers of the golf and beach resort of Estrella del Mar have set an example of how man can coexist with nature.

While the resort has one of the country’s top rated golf courses (home of the 2011 Canadian PGA), 4 star hotel, luxurious beachfront homes and condos, and 3.5 miles of pristine beach, it also boasts the most successful private turtle protection in the country.

In concert with local city, state, and federal agencies, local media, local school children and even resort owners, guests and staff a remarkable track record of results has been established.  When the program began in 1998 less than 10,000 turtles were hatched and released.  Last season this number reached over 150,000!

If you would like to visit our Turtle Sanctuary, Adopt a Sea Turtle, or simply enjoy a wonderful vacation in an eco sensitive resort, you will be helping to assist in one of the most successful turtle protection programs in the country.